Vision, Mission & TOP’s


“To be a leading Best Practice Organization in the Oil Palm Industry by 2020”



“We produce quality CPO for our customers through operational excellence, taking care of our environment and stakeholders’ interest.”


Areas That Require Attention To Achieve The Vision

Optimize the mill capacity and improve mill operation

In order to increase profitability, Benta must ensure that the CPO Mill can be operated at optimum possible capacity with lower possible operation cost.

Improve the road system especially in the area of road gravelling

This will help to improve the time taken for the delivery of FFB. Effectively, this will lead to a higher and consistent quality of FFB to be supplied to the CPO Mil.

Appoint good and reliable contractors

The nature of the business depends a lot on outsourcing the work like FFB and CPO delivery, contracting and maintenance of facility and road construction and maintenance. If the contractors did not deliver according to the required standards, it will significantly affect the quality of FFB and CPO and the overall operation cost, which effectively affect the profitability of the business.

Provide quality facility and infrastructure

One of the important compliance requirements is to provide the workers with good living quarters for themselves and their families. Many of the areas are quite remote and having other essential facilities ensure that the workers continue to stay motivated and healthy – mentally and physically.

Fully comply with all environmental law and regulations

In today business environment, complying to environmental regulations form an important part of defining a successful organization.

Improve the standard operating procedure

This is a must if Benta is to be recognized as best practice organization in the Oil Palm Industry in Malaysia. Beside it can be a key diferentiating factor between a good and a great organization in this industry.

Procure timely and consistent quality fertilizer

The productivity of the Oil Palm depends a lot on how well the plants are been taken care over a long period of time Whatever that is been done today especially the use of fertilizer have a serious impact on the quantity and quality of the crops produce 2 to 3 years later.

Develop and retain a team of highly competent and motivated workforce

This has been identified as the main strategic pillar to drive organization growth. By putting human capital development as the organization key priority, Benta intends to create a strategic advantage over the other oil palm plantations leading to a more effective way of managing the business.

The organization needs to in place a proper channel and mechanism of promoting individual into key positions. Benta must put the right people to do the right job. After all, it is result that matters.

As human capital developmentis identified as a strategic Thrust to take Benta forward to 2020, the organization can no longer afford not to put skill enhancement, promotion and reward fundamentals in place.

Team Operating Principles

e The Best
  • We will commit to excel in all the activities undertaken.
  • We will never give up until we achieve the best results.
  • We will inculcate a business mindset in all activities to get the best return for the company.
  • We will safeguard company’s assets to reduce wastes and minimize cost.
  • We will develop close collaboration with all our business associates to achieve common goals.
  • We will share ideas and information for mutual benefits.
eam Synergy
  • We will put strong emphasis on team above individual interests through co-operation, collaboration and understanding.
  • We will work together as a team to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.
  • We will take full responsibility for every decision made irrespective of the outcomes.
  • We will hold the company’s interests first in every decisions and actions taken.
  • We will perform our duty with integrity, transparency, pride and responsibility.

    Benta Wawasan Sdn.Bhd (BWSB) is a Malaysian company, based its operation in the Kalabakan, Tawau district of Sabah. Benta Wawasan Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Innoprise Corporation Sdn Bhd, a Commercial arm of the Yayasan Sabah Group which in turn is a statutory body of Sabah state government.

    To be a leading Best Practice Organization in the Oil Palm Industry by 2020

    We produce quality CPO for our customers through operational excellence, taking care of our environment and stakeholders' interest.