Company Structure





          Zulkifli Usof
        (Chief Executive Officer) 

P.  Mani Vannan
(Oil Palm Plantation)
Agnes Chee Shuk Vui

(Under CEO)

William Lojinin @ Willie (Act. Sr. Manager, Agathis Estate)
Darusi Hj. Semmauna 
(Manager, Belian Estate)
Ingging @ Rex Asai 
(Manager, Keruing Estate)
Lesan Hj. Kadir 
(Manager, Selangan Batu Estate)
Lesan Hj. Kadir 
(Manager, Binuang Estate)
Rizan Hardinata Hj. Baba 
(Manager, Seraya Estate)
Sumardi @ Samon Bin Samulian 
(Manager, Merbau Estate)
Chu Chee Ming (Manager, Ramin Estate)
Maidin Sumbin (Officer In Charge, Kapur Estate)
Abanan @ Adnan Hj. Ahmad 
(Officer In Charge, Gaharu Estate)
Maslanshah Bin Suhatshah 
(Officer In Charge, Menggaris Estate)

Mohd Alamshah Lungik Abdullah (SF)
Amran @ Ambran Peang 
Juif @ Anuar Adzim (CPLMSA)
Hj. Abd Karim Hj. Abd Wahid (CSR)
Hj. Lagani Hj. Sahid 
(CCD & IT)
Rosman Hj. Hussain (IA)
Mohd. Jusri Hj. Lahatta (SPOM)
Hjh. Rismawati Hj. Lahatta (ACCT)
Azlan Hj. Abd Rahman (HRA)
Julizam Molondoi (P&S)
Dzulkifli S. De Asildo (HIS)


    Benta Wawasan Sdn.Bhd (BWSB) is a Malaysian company, based its operation in the Kalabakan, Tawau district of Sabah. Benta Wawasan Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Innoprise Corporation Sdn Bhd, a Commercial arm of the Yayasan Sabah Group which in turn is a statutory body of Sabah state government.

    To be a leading Best Practice Organization in the Oil Palm Industry by 2020

    We produce quality CPO for our customers through operational excellence, taking care of our environment and stakeholders' interest.