Seraya Palm Oil Mill

The Seraya Palm Oil Mill (SPOM) will be run for 26 days in a month 20 hours in a day at a rate of 55 MT per hour. Regular repair and maintenance schedule is promoted to ensure efficient running and operation. To that effect the mill is planned to process 1200 MT of fresh fruit bunch (FFB) daily to product 276 MT crude palm oil (CPO), 48 MT palm kernel (PK), 9.6 MT palm kernel shell (PKS), and 6 MT sludge oil.

This requires mill workers to work in 2-shifts during the day. The amount of FFBs processed by SPOM in 2018 shall be about 360,000 MT to produce 83,520 MT CPO and 15,120 MT PK. The 4 or 5 days available for the month is reserved for maintenance activities.

SPOM capacity would be expanded to 60 TPH from the existing 45 TPH so that more FFB crops can be processed to increase the company’s sales revenue.